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What to do if you’re pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Arizona

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

You’re driving home after having a drink or two with friends and you are pulled over. Would you know what to do, what to say, or how to act if you were under suspicion of driving under the influence? Here are a few tips to follow if you find yourself being pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Arizona:

· First and foremost, remain cooperative and respectful of the officer during the entire process. Provide all documents that are being requested of you by the officer while remaining calm.

· When asked by the officer the number of drinks you have consumed, you are not required to answer. You can politely refuse to answer any questions that the officer has asked you. You are also not required to submit to a roadside field sobriety test.
*Note: Refusal to submit to these tests can come with consequences, which the officer is required to inform you of at the moment of refusal.

· If you are taken into custody and are asked to submit to a blood alcohol test, you must cooperate in accordance with Arizona state law and submit to either a breathalyzer test, urine sample, or a blood draw to determine your blood alcohol content.
*If you refuse these tests, your license will be suspended for one year as a first offense.

· If you find yourself in any situation that you feel to be uncomfortable in regards to information that is being asked of you, or if you feel that you are being unlawfully charged for a DUI, contact an attorney immediately to have your rights protected.

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