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Underage DUI in Arizona

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2018)

In Arizona (and the rest of the United States), the drinking age is 21, and consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age is illegal. There are only two exceptions to this law:

  • if the drinking is being done for religious purposes (i.e. drinking wine in religious ceremony)
  • if the drinking is for medical purposes (i.e. a physician administering medical treatment)

The penalties for those charged with a DUI in Arizona that are over age 21 are extremely strict, and the penalties are even more harsh for those underage.

Since Arizona is a no-tolerance policy, if a chemical test determines that someone under 21 years old is under the influence, they will be cited and charged with a DUI.

If this is the person’s first underage drunk-driving conviction, and they will be required to serve up to 10 days in jail. Their license will be suspended for 90-360 days.

If this is the person’s second conviction within 7 years, a minimum of 30 days imprisonment is required. A fine of up to $2,500 must be paid and there will be a one-year license suspension.

In addition to being charged with driving under the influence, the person arrested could also be charged with:

  • giving alcohol to a minor (if they had an underage passenger that had also been drinking)
  • being a minor in possession
  • child endangerment law violations
  • soliciting alcohol
  • possession of fake identification (if a fake ID was used to purchase the alcohol)
  • moving and vehicle maintenance violations

Along with these charges, your insurance will also be greatly impacted. Some insurance companies will actually terminate a policy if an underage DUI happens. Others will raise their monthly premium by $100-$200, sometimes higher since you have now become a higher risk and a new policy must apply. This increase will usually take place for up to 5 years.

If you have been charged with an underage DUI, it’s important to contact a DUI attorney immediately. The Tucson DUI lawyers at Thrush Law Group will make sure your rights are protected during your DUI case. Visit for more information.

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