When is an Arizona DUI conviction cleared from a driving record?

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2018)

Getting a DUI Conviction Cleared

The Motor Vehicle Division keeps a record of DUI conviction indefinitely.

Arizona Law (ARS 28-450 (D)) prevents insurance companies from getting any records older than 39 months from the date of the violation.

Thus, the “public” record you can obtain from the MVD only goes back 39 months.

Attorneys, licensed investigators, government agencies and people getting their own record can obtain information going back farther than 39 months.

Most of these requests are for five-year records.

Under the DUI laws, a DUI conviction can be used to increase the penalties on any new DUI arrest for up to seven years.

For example, a person convicted of a DUI who has a prior DUI conviction within seven years, faces mandatory jail for 30 days and a one-year license revocation.

Three DUIs within seven years is a felony carrying four months in prison and a three-year revocation.

If this does not answer your question, ask your attorney specifics about getting your DUI conviction cleared in your consultation.

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