Can My Driver’s License be Revoked for An Arizona DUI Conviction?

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2018)

What an Arizona DUI Conviction Means for Your License

For a first-time DUI misdemeanor conviction the answer is no.

However, for a first-time Arizona DUI conviction your license is subject to a 90-day suspension as discussed above through either the MVD or by order of the Court if no MVD suspension has occurred pursuant to an Admin Per Se/Implied Consent suspension hearing.

For a second DUI misdemeanor conviction within 84 months (seven years), your license is subject to a one-year revocation and you will be required to re-instate your license at the end of the suspension period and comply with all requirements dictated by the MVD.

A third DUI conviction within 84 months is a Class 4 felony and your license is subject to being revoked for a period of three years.

Your attorney will go over your specific situation during a consultation.


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