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Tucson DUI Attorneys on Protecting Yourself From Drunk Drivers

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Law enforcement officials are trained to immediately identify if someone is driving under the influence. As someone who also drives, it is important that you are aware of the common signs of drunk driving as well in order to protect yourself and others. Tucson DUI lawyers at Thrush Law Group recommend practicing efficient defensive driving if sharing the road with a drunk or impaired driver.

Some common signs of drunk driving to look for:
– Wide radius turning
– Straddling the car on the center of the road or unable to maintain lane position inside markers
– Weaving across the roadway
– Erratic braking and speeding up
– Stopping without reason in a traffic lane
– Turning abruptly or swerving away from a straight course
– Driving significantly slower than the speed limit
– Driving the wrong way on a road
– Almost striking an object or other vehicle
– Delayed reaction time

What to do if you are driving near someone you suspect may be under the influence:
– Drive defensively and be prepared to make sudden moves in order to avoid a collision with the driver
– Keep your distance from the driver and pull over to let them pass you if necessary
– If the car begins traveling toward you head-on, pull over to the right and honk your horn while flashing your lights
– Dial 911 to report a suspected drunk driver, providing the exact location and direction of the vehicle, including specific descriptions such as make, model and color of the car
– Do not attempt to stop, follow or drive near the vehicle.
– Do not disregard any traffic laws or signs in order to keep the driver in sight

If you or someone you know has been charged under suspicion of a DUI, contact a Phoenix DUI attorney at http://www.azduilaw.com/tucson-phoenix-dui-attorney/about-us.php today.

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