kids and divorce

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Kids and Divorce

When seeking a divorce to legally dissolve your marriage, it’s essential to keep your children and their feelings in mind. Divorce will have a long-term effect on your family and your children’s lives.

Discussing your pending divorce with your children is an important step that will facilitate communication throughout the divorce process, as well as after the divorce is complete.

Because children are likely to remember this discussion in vivid detail, taking the time to consider the best way to hold this conversation is important for both parents in this situation.


Answer Questions Honestly

When discussing divorce, it can be tempting to avoid questions or to omit the truth for the sake of your child’s feelings. However, studies have shown that even young children are capable of understanding divorce and often feel more reassured when they have additional details about their current and future situation.

Even if answering questions is difficult, you should always be truthful with your child, including explaining to them that you may not know how issues will be handled, but will discuss it in the future when you have more information.


Support Painful Reactions

While some children handle divorce well, others will be upset by the fact that their lives will change. It’s important to support painful or distressed reactions, rather than dismissing your child and his feelings.

Take the time to let your child speak about how he feels and respond to the tone of his reactions accordingly.

During this process, it’s especially beneficial for you and your spouse to provide a supportive and united message if possible, which can help children to avoid feelings of guilt or the need to “choose a side” during this process.

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