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Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

How to Vet Your Divorce Lawyer Experience How many divorce cases have you handled? Of those cases, how many have you been able to settle out of court? Does your firm practice collaborative divorce? Are you familiar with my spouse or my spouse’s attorney? What are your thoughts on mediation and negotiation versus going to […]

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reasons for divorce

Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Divorce

Mistakes that Lead to Divorce There are many different behaviors from both spouses that could lead to divorce, and when the time comes to make that emotional decision, experienced family law attorneys are here to make sure you are legally and financially protected. Here are three common behaviors and mistakes that lead to divorce: […]

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Tips for Successful Divorce Mediation

Arizona Divorce Mediation Divorce mediation is an opportunity for couples going through a divorce to work out a resolution for different aspects of divorce, whether it be child support or custody, or financial discussions. Mediation can often serve as a great way for both parties to compromise on issues that they may have otherwise fought […]

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managing finances in divorce

Advice for Successful Co-Parenting

What Does Successful Co-Parenting Look Like? Divorce can bring out the worst in people. As difficult as it may be to keep calm during certain disagreements, you must look at your behavior and see how your actions and decisions are affecting your child. Their best interest should be the biggest priority while you and your […]

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