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arizona field sobriety test

Expect More DUI Checkpoints This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to allow you time to spend with family and friends, creating memories and eating delicious food. Getting a DUI and being slapped with court fees and jail time more than likely isn’t the way you’d want to spend your holiday season. Beginning at the end of November, DUI sobriety checkpoints and […]

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arizona dui questions

A Look at Probation Following a DUI Charge

My Arizona Probation Options with a DUI Charge Probation is an option to stay under the court’s supervision for a period of time instead of going to jail. If you are placed on Arizona probation following a DUI charge, you will need to adhere to several conditions, including regularly reporting to your probation officer. You […]

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car accident

Arizona Safety Driving Laws

Arizona Driving Laws Whether you’re a new driver in Arizona or you’ve been behind the wheel in this state for years, it’s important that you know about and follow all Arizona driving laws. Seat Belts If you are sitting in the front seat of any vehicle built after 1972, you must have your lap […]

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tucson dui attorney

Arizona Dram Shop Laws

What is a Dram Shop? Not many people know what dram shop laws are or whom they are meant to help. Dram shop is a term that refers to a bar or tavern originating in England where they would sell small amounts of alcohol called a dram. Dram shop laws have been enacted in order […]

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law firm tucson arizona

What Is an Arizona Covenant Marriage?

Arizona Covenant Marriage and the Law Arizona allows for a covenant marriage, where a couple agrees to premarital counseling and accepts limited grounds for filing for divorce. Under Arizona Rules and Statutes 25-901-906, a couple planning to apply for an Arizona Covenant Marriage License needs to obtain a notarized statement form the clergy or counselor […]

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