Pool Safety For The Summer

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2016)

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Arizona Pool Safety

Memorial Day has passed and summer is in full swing, which means more time in the pool.  Having a pool is a great way to stay out of the heat in the summer, but there are some pool safety and legal responsibilities that come with owning a pool.

To reduce the number of drownings, Arizona has enacted A.R.S. § 36-1681 which requires certain standards to enclose a pool area at homes where small children reside.

Making sure that your pool complies with the Arizona statutes is a great start in making swim time safe. You can also make swim time safer by following the ABCs of pool safety:

A) Adult supervision

Always have an adult supervising children in the pool area.  Never leave the children unattended.  If you have to leave the pool are, make the children exit the pool and sit in a safe area until you return.  It only takes a moment without supervision for a child to drown.

B) Barrier

Arizona statutes require that a fence or wall meets the standards required certain to keep children out of the pool area when there is no adult supervision.  Placing a lock on the pool gate may not be required, but can go a long way to keep children out of the pool area and safe.

C) Classes

Make sure to teach your children how to swim.

Many of the public swimming pools offer classes.  Also make sure who ever is in charge of supervising the kids has taken the basic CPR class and knows how to administer it on young children.

Knowing CPR can help a child’s survival rate until medical help arrives.

With these thing in place it should be a fun and injury free summer.  By knowing the ABCs of pool safety, it will make for a fun and injury free summer for you and your family.

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