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Police Target Specific Areas to Crack Down on DUIs

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

In the past Driving Under the Influence (DUI) was not considered an illegal action, merely a societal taboo. However, in the last few decades this social taboo has had a meteoric rise in the legal field and has changed drastically from being a social taboo into an illegal action that police attempt feverously to prevent.

Several states including Arizona and Louisiana are cracking down on DUIs harder than ever before. In Thibodaux, Louisiana the police have begun to statistically map where DUIs are committed and cracked down on DUIs harder in those areas. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that number of DUI arrest in Thibodaux, Louisiana. have increased 600 percent in the past year since implementing this statistical analysis.

Similarly in Tempe, Arizona the Tempe police department issued a statement that they will be targeting the areas around Arizona State University(ASU) as part of their Back-to-school campaign to address common crimes. Because the areas around ASU have a high number of DUIs with in the student population the police will be targeting those areas consistently while school is in session. It would be prudent that with the police out in force to stop DUI drivers now more then ever, anyone who plans to drink should think about the consequence before they drive.

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