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Brad Thrush Tucson Arizona“Don’t let the system victimize you. You HAVE rights-stand up for them. Thrush Law Group has experienced lawyers who will fight to protect your rights and freedom. We have defended literally thousands of cases and we know what to do.

Don’t leave your future to chance. We can help. We will meet with you and explain all of your options. Our consultations are free and weekend appointments are available. At Thrush Law Group we really are Lawyers on your side.”


– Brad Thrush

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Thrush Law Group is available 24/7 any day any time to take your calls. Emergencies don’t happen 9-5. Our lawyers are available when you need them.

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Thrush Law Group offers fee schedules and payment plans to fit almost any budget. We also offer additional discounts for up-front payments.

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Brad Thrush has been defending DUI cases for nearly 20 years. Combined, the attorneys at the Thrush Law Group have over 50 years of experience helping people with their legal problems.

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At Thrush Law Group, we prepare every case like it is going to trial. Our philosophy is “The better we are prepared to fight, the better the outcome will be for our client.”

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Straight Talk

At Thrush Law Group, we don’t speak “Legalese.” We will explain the process and your options in easy to understand terms. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand our strategies.

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At Thrush Law Group, our attorneys know the courts, the judges, and the system of Arizona. We are constantly reviewing new changes in the law and can help you make the best choices for your case.

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At Thrush Law Group, we will review your case and give you honest straightforward answers. We don’t tell you one thing to get you in the door and then do something else. We are “lawyers on your side.”

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At Thrush Law Group, we believe in our clients and their cases. The Arizona legal system can be intimidating and overwhelming to an unrepresented defendant. Our goal is to level the playing field by reassuring our clients and never letting them fall victim to the power of the state of Arizona.

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At Thrush Law Group, we have attorneys that can communicate in Spanish for any client that needs help understanding English. También tenemos abogados con fluidez en español.

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Our Practice Areas

For over 20 years, Thrush Law Group has been recognized as one of the top law firms in the Southwest. With offices throughout Arizona and New Mexico, Thrush Law Group works with clients that require legal counsel in a variety of cases.

tucson dui defense attorney

Talk to an Expert DUI Attorney 24/7!

Tucson DUI Defense Attorney

The DUI attorneys at the Thrush Law Group concentrate their efforts on the best DUI Defense Strategies when defending people charged with DUI. Our diligent approach and proven DUI Defense Strategies offer the best chance for a dismissal or acquittal.

During your case review, we can discuss a synopsis of the plan of action the Thrush Law Group will use while handling your case. It is the result of years of practice and it is the best way to defend and/or attack what the police officer and the prosecutor will say about you.

Our process provides the best chance for dismissal or acquittal of a DUI in Arizona. We pledge to provide you with the service you deserve and promise to leave no stone unturned in the campaign to win your case.


We can help you with your DUI in Arizona in the following areas


Your attorney at Thrush Law Group can fully explain which issues apply to your DUI case during your free consultation.


Tucson Criminal Law Attorney

Criminal law and criminal defense in Arizona can be extremely complicated. When individuals do not know their rights, they often contribute to the case against them.

It is unfortunate that, while most people know how to provide emergency medical care, they do not often understand the basic laws that can have a dramatic effect on their freedom and their futures. Even the most law-abiding citizens should know what can happen during an arrest and how to protect their rights. The success of your criminal law defense often rides on your observation of your Miranda rights.

Once you receive Miranda rights, anything you say to law enforcement or other officials can be used against you during your trial. This is why it is so critical to take advantage of your right to an attorney. Our criminal defense attorneys remain at your side during questioning to ensure all questions are legally permitted and to advise you on how to respond. At Thrush Law Group, we are the affordable option you need.

We can help you with your Criminal Offense questions in the following areas:

tucson criminal law attorney

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tucson personal injury attorney

Let Us Fight the Insurance Company For You!

Tucson Personal Injury Attorney

It is always possible (but not recommended) for an injured party to settle his or her own personal Personal Injury injury claim. However, studies have shown that persons represented by attorneys consistently achieve better results.

In most personal injury cases, the injured person is entitled to compensation for medical bills, incurred lost earnings, any permanent injury or disfigurement, the cost of any future medical care, job re-training if the injuries prevent them from continuing in their profession and mileage cost incurred while seeking treatment, pain and suffering and more.

Sometimes disagreements between insurance companies and injured parties make filing a lawsuit necessary. However, most personal injury cases settle without ever having to go to court. Also keep in mind average settlement for personal injury cases vary.


We can help you with personal injury cases in the following areas:

Your attorney at Thrush Law Group can fully explain which issues apply to your case during your free consultation.

Tucson Family Law Attorney

Divorce in Arizona is fraught with legal pitfalls that can and will damage your financial and emotional future.

Divorce, like a marriage, cannot and should not be entered into alone and particularly without the guidance of a properly licensed family law lawyer. Just as possession is nine-tenths of the law, the first one to file — called the petitioner — is often the “winner” because they have sought and followed the advice of a lawyer. The petitioner sets forth the “rules” or tone of the litigation.

The opposing party — called the respondent — is at a tactical disadvantage and often ends up playing “catch-up” throughout the initial stages of the litigation.

Contact the attorneys at Thrush Law Group for your free family law consultation. We will discuss your options and how to proceed with our team on your side.


We can help you with your Family Law questions in the following areas

tucson family law attorney

Talk to an Expert Family Law Attorney

Meet Our Legal Team

Our team is comprised of some of the brightest legal minds in the Southwest. Click on each profile to Learn More.

Meet Brad

Brad Thrush Tucson Arizona

Graduate of the University of Arizona Law School

Former Editor of the Journal of International and Comparative Law

Member of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association

Member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Member of the American Bar Association

Member of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice

Experienced in DUI and Criminal Trials

Licensed in Federal Court and Arizona State Courts

Speaks Spanish Fluently

Meet Peter

Peter Gutierrez Tucson Arizona

Graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law

Member of the National College of DUI Defense

Trained in NHTSA DUI Detection, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

Member of the Pima County Bar Association

Licensed to Practice in Arizona, California, and Federal Courts

Successfully handled thousands of DUI cases

Meet John

john illes tucson criminal law attorney

Extensive jury trial experience

Acquittals in misdemeanor and felony trials

Successful in negotiations and probable cause hearings

Experience in most Arizona jurisdictions

Specialized training in field sobriety tests and horizontal gaze nystagmus

Member of the State Bar of Arizona

Member of the National College for DUI Defense

Juris Doctor, Drake University Law School

Meet Brian

brian kimminau

Licensed in US Federal and Arizona State Courts

Member of the Pima County Bar Association

Judge Pro Tem with the Pima County Superior Court and Juvenile Court

Member of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Experience in Family law ans Juvenile Trials

Meet Sean

sean thrush tucson family law attorney

Pima County Bar Association Member

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice Member

Licensed to practice in all Arizona state courts

Licensed to practice in United States Federal Court

Thrush Law Group Reviews & Testimonials

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Family Law Testimonial

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction for the services provided to me by Brian Kimminau, Michelle Sandoval, and Sonia Rivera in pursuit of the guardianship of my husband.

They were always diligent and available to me during this stressful situation I would definitely recommend Thrush Law Group to anyone seeking legal advise. They are in my experience working for their clients completely.

I couldn’t have been more pleased and appreciative of their concern for me.”

Joyce B

Slip and Fall Testimonial

I had a complex slip and fall personal injury case which the other party acknowledged but refused to pay any claim. Most law firms declined to represent me.

I retained one attorney who did nothing while my bills mounted and my recovery languished. I finally contacted Brad Thrush at Thrush Law Group who took a personal interest in my case and agreed to represent me.

He and the fine staff immediately went to work obtaining the necessary information, documentation and evidence to pursue my claim. Ultimately, Brad with his vast experience of the Tucson and Arizona legal system wisely sought mediation rather than litigation and was able to shepherd my case to a reasonable settlement.

Throughout the entire process Brad and the staff were available, attentive, thorough, and always pleasant and professional. Within this personal injury area as well as their other legal specialties, I would certainly retain them again and give them my highest endorsement.

Jerry C.

Wrongful Death Testimonial

After my daughter was killed by a hit and run drunk driver, I was told by another law firm that I did not have a case. However after my initial phone call and first meeting with Brad Thrush, I felt like he was someone who sincerely cared about my feelings and pain.

Mr. Thrush took on the case knowing that it could be a difficult one because there were two different states involved. From the beginning he was compassionate, but also professional, especially in dealing with my granddaughter who had just lost her mother.

To me, he literally went the extra mile, by traveling over 350 miles to the site of the accident, to talk to people who knew my daughter and to get a feel for what had happened. I was kept informed of the progress, never having to call and ask what was happening.

I was also very impressed with the entire office staff.

I was happy with the outcome, and would recommend without hesitation Thrush Law Group to anyone in need of an attorney.

Shirley G.

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Order of Protection Testimonial

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