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Order of Protection Testimonial

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

Order of Protection

Initially I hired Thrush Law Group to represent me in quashing an order of protection brought against me. At the time, it was extremely stressful, but the staff there helped me through it.

The initial attorney that began this case was of the highest caliber of professionalism.

We were also up to review and rewrite our parenting plan. The original parenting plan required that it be revisited two years after the divorce.

My attorney was ready to not only quash the order of protection but also present my requests for the changes in the parenting plan. Unfortunately soon after, my attorney took another job with the state.

The transition from her to Brian Kimminau, was seamless. Brian and his staff always exhibited the height of professionalism and I greatly appreciated his no nonsense approach. Because of his experience, his advice to me was nearly psychic.

Brian knew exactly what their moves would be. This was an emotional time for me and Brian and his staff were critical in keeping me focused.

I have since sought Brian’s advice in other matters, pertaining to my children. His professionalism has made it easy for me to call him a friend.

I have not only found Brian and his staff to be knowledgeable, experienced and direct, but they are also compassionate and understanding. For me, these are important ingredients necessary for a family law attorney and his staff.

I would be honored to recommend Brian and his staff to anyone facing the challenges of navigating family law.

Tony S.


Need our Help with an Order of Protection?

If you need help with an Order of Protection, do not hesitate to call us. Our Family Law Tucson team of experts can help.

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