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What You Need to Know about a DUI Plea Deal

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

Arizona and DUI Plea Deal Options

Though some criminal cases result in trial, most are resolved out of court through an agreement known as a plea bargain. In an Arizona DUI case, the dui plea deal or bargaining process allows a defendant to avoid the time and cost of trial and the risk of a harsher punishment if convicted.

Meanwhile, the prosecution saves time and spares the risk of uncertainty that comes with taking a case to trial.


Many Types of DUI Plea Deals

Plea bargains don’t simply involve pleading guilty or obtaining a lesser criminal sentence. They also allow the parties to negotiate an agreement that satisfies both sides of the deal.

For example, a plea bargain may involve pleading guilty to a less-serious offense than the charge or dismissing one charge in exchange for a guilty plea to another charge.

Some plea deals allow the defendant to agree to a sentence that does not involve high fines or license suspension.


Plea Deal Available at Any Time?

An experienced DUI attorney can negotiate a client’s DUI plea deal with the prosecutor at any point in the proceedings. Sometimes this involves formal negotiations over the phone.

In other cases, the DUI attorney and prosecutor meet in a mandated pretrial or settlement conference in the judge’s chambers.

In any case, it’s important to remember that the prosecutor does not have to offer a plea deal. The stronger the prosecutor’s case, the more a defendant will need to compromise in the deal.


No is an Option

Even though a prosecutor may have the upper hand in a plea deal, there is no need for a defendant to accept a weak take it or leave it plea deal.

If a prosecutor is trying to intimidate someone into accepting, then the defendant should seek a criminal defense lawyer’s advice through these difficult negotiations.

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