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A Look at Some Shocking Facts About Car Accidents

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2015)

Car Accidents and the Facts

While the majority of car accidents are minor collisions, auto accidents can cause serious damage in terms of your property and your well-being.

By recognizing some of the major causes of collisions on the road, you can minimize your chances of facing the stress of an auto accident. Below you will see just a few facts that may surprise you about car accidents and their causes.


Nearly Half of All Fatal Car Accidents Involve Alcohol

It’s a well-known fact that drinking and driving is high-risk, but you might not realize that almost half of all fatal accidents actually involve alcohol.

Drunk driving can lead to much deadlier collisions, because drivers have a significantly impaired ability to assess risks on the road and respond accordingly.


Calm Down

Road rage can be a serious problem when it comes to safety behind the wheel. For many drivers, frustration is part of the daily commute, but it is important to keep your anger on the road in check to maintain safe driving habits.


Get OFF the Phone

Even with hands-free devices, talking on a cell phone can be a major distraction for drivers.

Talking on a phone can take your attention off the road and spike your accident risk by up to 400 percent.

Texting and driving can be even more dangerous, since the average text takes 4.6 seconds to type and send.


Wear Your Seat belt Kids

Teens are the highest risk group of drivers on the road, because they are the most inexperienced. What’s more is that teenagers are less likely to wear seat belts, making them more likely to suffer fatal injuries in accidents.


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