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A Look at Probation Following a DUI Charge

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

My Arizona Probation Options with a DUI Charge

Probation is an option to stay under the court’s supervision for a period of time instead of going to jail. If you are placed on Arizona probation following a DUI charge, you will need to adhere to several conditions, including regularly reporting to your probation officer.

You will also be required to abstain from excessive alcohol use or the use of any illegal drugs.


Probation Officers

The court will assign an Arizona probation officer to ensure you are following the terms of your probation.

For example, your probation officer may test for drug use and make sure you aren’t traveling outside the jurisdiction without permission.

Your probation officer may also stop by your home or work unannounced to check on your progress.

If you have been convicted of a drug charge, you may also be subjected to random searches and drug tests.


Jail Time

A judge may sentence you to probation or sentence you to a combination of probation and jail time.

For example, your judge may sentence you to a certain time period in jail and then let you serve the remainder of your jail sentence on probation.

In this situation, you would have your original jail sentence reinstated if you violate your probation conditions.


Sentencing Decisions

Judges make sentencing decisions of probation or jail time on a case-by-case basis. First, your judge will check your state’s statutes to determine what your conviction allows.

Depending on your state, legislators may have already specified whether probation is even available.

If a judge is able to assign probation, he or she will consider the nature of your crime, whether you are a danger to society, and whether you are a repeat offender.

The judge uses these factors to decide whether or not probation is an appropriate alternative to jail time.


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