Personal Injury Testimonials

Personal Injury Testimonial

Slip and Fall Testimonial

I had a complex slip and fall personal injury case which the other party acknowledged but refused to pay any claim. Most law firms declined to represent me.

I retained one attorney who did nothing while my bills mounted and my recovery languished. I finally contacted Brad Thrush at Thrush Law Group who took a personal interest in my case and agreed to represent me.

He and the fine staff immediately went to work obtaining the necessary information, documentation and evidence to pursue my claim. Ultimately, Brad with his vast experience of the Tucson and Arizona legal system wisely sought mediation rather than litigation and was able to shepherd my case to a reasonable settlement.

Throughout the entire process Brad and the staff were available, attentive, thorough, and always pleasant and professional. Within this personal injury area as well as their other legal specialties, I would certainly retain them again and give them my highest endorsement.

Jerry C.

Wrongful Death Testimonial

After my daughter was killed by a hit and run drunk driver, I was told by another law firm that I did not have a case. However after my initial phone call and first meeting with Brad Thrush, I felt like he was someone who sincerely cared about my feelings and pain.

Mr. Thrush took on the case knowing that it could be a difficult one because there were two different states involved. From the beginning he was compassionate, but also professional, especially in dealing with my granddaughter who had just lost her mother.

To me, he literally went the extra mile, by traveling over 350 miles to the site of the accident, to talk to people who knew my daughter and to get a feel for what had happened. I was kept informed of the progress, never having to call and ask what was happening. I was also very impressed with the entire office staff.

I was happy with the outcome, and would recommend without hesitation Thrush Law Group to anyone in need of an attorney.

Shirley G.

Radiation Exposure Testimonial

My claim was handled very good. It was for breast cancer compensation through the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciated all that was done for me by the attorney Brad Thrush and his staff.

They were even able to get documents for me from Mexico. Everyone I talked to in the office was very polite and helpful. All the question I had were answered even though I called so often.

If I lived in Arizona I would definitely use and recommend this Thrush Law Group again. My claim was handled very professional, very polite, and very helpful. I liked everything about the office. Thanks again.

Bobbie A.

Let us Serve You and Your Family

As you can see from our personal injury testimonials, not only are we experts, we care. If you are looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson, give us a call.


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