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Traces Of Week Old Marijuana Could Land You A DUI

Prosecutors in one Arizona county argued on Tuesday that people who smoked marijuana days or even weeks earlier could be charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Susan Luder argued before the Arizona Supreme Court that the county had acted properly in charging a man with for driving under the […]

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The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

What is the Horizontal Gaze Test? The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is one of the three standardized field sobriety tests used by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to identify possible drunk drivers. This test has been studied to be the most accurate of the three, with a 77 percent accuracy rating in detecting […]

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Extreme Arizona DUI Penalties Fines and Laws

The penalties for an extreme DUI are different based on the specific circumstances of each case, as well as differ in each state. An extreme DUI is applied when a person has a blood alcohol content above .15%. You should immediately contact a Tucson DUI attorney if you are suspected of driving under the influence […]

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Types of DUI Related Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is a routine procedure and is essential in the case of alcohol related crimes such as DUI and DWI’s. Over the years, alcohol-testing methods had improved to become more accurate and less invasive. Here are four of the most common forms of alcohol tests that are normally associated with DUI’s: Field Sobriety Test […]

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What is the Process of Misdemeanor Court in Arizona?

Misdemeanor cases in Arizona are usually handles in justice or municipal courts. All courts generally follow the same procedure for misdemeanor charges, although the rules may slightly vary from court to court. The typical process of misdemeanor court in Arizona is as follows: Arraignment The arraignment is the first appearance before the judge, where you […]

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The History of Miranda Rights in Arizona

The Miranda warning, also known as Miranda Rights, is the formal warning that police are required to give to criminal suspects in police custody before they are interrogated. They are used as protections against any possible police intimidation toward a suspect and to preserve the admissibility of any statement the suspect may have that can […]

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