Arizona’s Super Extreme DUI Law

Super Extreme DUI in Arizona Arizona is one of the few states that has a law referred to as the “Super Extreme DUI” law. A DUI is considered “Super Extreme” if a person’s BAC is measured at .20 or higher. The crime is still filed as a misdemeanor, but the minimum jail time is longer […]

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Getting A DUI When Visiting Arizona

How to Handle a DUI When Visiting Arizona If you live in Arizona, you more than likely are aware of the strict penalties that the state holds for those that are convicted of a DUI. But what happens to a person that receives a DUI when visiting Arizona? If you are an Arizona resident and […]

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Getting A DUI Without Actually Driving

DUI may stand for “Driving Under the Influence,” but according to Arizona DUI laws, you don’t necessarily have to actually be driving a vehicle to be guilty of a DUI, as long as you are considered to have been “controlling” the car you are in, even if you had no intention of driving it. Whether […]

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Alternative DUI Punishments

Arizona and Alternative DUI Punishments When you have a reputable, experience DUI attorney on your side, it is possible to make negotiations in your DUI case for alternative punishments instead of jail time. Often this goes hand-in-hand with a plea agreement. Some alternatives to mandatory, full jail time sentences can include: Work Release Work release […]

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Expect More DUI Checkpoints This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to allow you time to spend with family and friends, creating memories and eating delicious food. Getting a DUI and being slapped with court fees and jail time more than likely isn’t the way you’d want to spend your holiday season. Beginning at the end of November, DUI sobriety checkpoints and […]

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