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John S. Illes Criminal Attorney in Tucson, Arizona / Career Criminal Defense Attorney

Since admission to practice law, John S. Illes has always been committed to defending the rights of the accused.

This commitment began when serving as deputy defender in Mohave County. Attorney Illes then relocated to Flagstaff to focus on cases throughout the northern Arizona counties.

Several years and snowstorms later Mr. Illes decided to give it a go in the warmer climate of southern Arizona.

He is proud to call Tucson his home and enjoys working with people of southern Arizona. Mr. Illes believes one of the most important rights the accused has is the right to trial.

It is at trial that the state is held to the highest standard — guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Before anyone decides to give up this precious right, they need to be fully advised.

In many cases, proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is difficult for the prosecution.


Education and Experience

  • Extensive jury trial experience
  • Acquittals in misdemeanor and felony trials
  • Successful in negotiations and probable cause hearings
  • Experience in most Arizona jurisdictions
  • Specialized training in field sobriety tests and horizontal gaze nystagmus
  • Member of the State Bar of Arizona
  • Member of the National College for DUI Defense
  • Juris Doctor, Drake University Law School

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