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Why a Good Lawyer Can Change Everything when You Are Arrested for DUI

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2018)

Arrested for DUI in Arizona?

A preliminary assessment of your case requires handling the arraignment, securing a copy of the police report, reading about field sobriety tests, and researching required blood or breath tests for blood alcohol content.

Even if you could form some opinions about the strength of your case on your own, it’s a good idea to seek an experienced lawyer’s opinion.

A DUI defense lawyer can make sure you didn’t miss any important details and can help you understand how the law applies to your case.


Plea Bargain Option

A DUI defense lawyer looks for points of uncertainty in your case, such as areas in which the arresting officer didn’t comply with the law or problems with the Breathalyzer test.

When there is uncertainty in these parts of your case, you have a better chance of securing a favorable plea bargain.

With a DUI lawyer’s representation, the prosecutor in your case may be willing to drop the charge to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving.

Even though reckless driving is still a misdemeanor, it results in a far less harsh sentence.


Sentence Mitigation

In cases where a guilty plea could result in a long incarceration period, sentence bargaining can be incredibly useful.

For example, if you were charged with a repeat DUI or a DUI with a BAC greater than .15, it would be very useful to know your potential sentence.

The best way to determine your possible sentence from pleading guilty is by talking with an experienced DUI lawyer in your state.


Going to Trial

You have the right to represent yourself in a DUI trial, but it is not recommended.

Lawyers spend many years studying and practicing in order to understand how to try a case.

You are far better off seeking a lawyer’s expertise.

If you are charged with a DUI in Arizona, Thrush Law Group offers a free consultation.

We are a team of experienced DUI lawyers, ready to protect your rights and freedom.

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