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Expect More DUI Checkpoints This Holiday Season

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

The holidays are supposed to allow you time to spend with family and friends, creating memories and eating delicious food. Getting a DUI and being slapped with court fees and jail time more than likely isn’t the way you’d want to spend your holiday season.

Beginning at the end of November, DUI sobriety checkpoints and DUI saturation patrols will be increased and stationed every weekend.

To avoid getting a DUI at any time, and especially during the holidays when there are frequent patrols, drink responsibly. If you plan on drinking at a holiday party, either plan on not driving home or plan ahead to find an alternative way to get home.

Consequences of getting a DUI under Arizona law can include jail time, court costs and attorney fees. Even for first time offenders, these charges can eventually result in losing your job, income, and driving privileges.

In Arizona, it is possible to be charged with second-degree murder or manslaughter charges if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and someone is killed as a result of your reckless driving.

If you are being charged on suspicion of driving under the influence, contact a Tucson DUI attorney immediately. The lawyers at Thrush Law Group will provide legal representation and protect your rights for the best chance of dismissal or acquittal.

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