DUI Offenders and Filing a Lawsuit Against The Bar That Served Them

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2018)

At Thrush Law Group, our Tucson DUI attorneys know how complex a DUI case can be for anyone involved. Allocating the rights to a person accused of a DUI to sue the bar that served them alcohol is not an impossible feat, but it is a complicated process.

In most states, commercial vendors of alcohol, such as bars, clubs or other stores that serve alcohol) can be help responsible for injuries caused by their drunk patrons. Under these circumstances, a person that is drinking cannot necessarily claim collections for themselves, but a third party injured as a result of the drunk person’s actions can collect compensation.

In states that allow this to happen, the law states that the injured person gives proof that the serving of alcohol from that establishment to the intoxicated suspect was directly connected to the injuries sustained.

Other states have a cap on the amount that can be collected from a vendor, since most of the blame should be placed onto the person that was drinking.

In states that have laws that allow for a bar or commercial vendor to be held liable will certainly hold them responsible if:
– alcohol was served to a minor
– the vendor was reckless in serving or should have realized the extent of the patron’s intoxication
– the vendor sold liquor without a liquor license
– the vendor sold liquor after hours

If you or someone you know has been charged under suspicion of a DUI after leaving an establishment that served them alcohol, contact a Phoenix DUI attorney at Thrush Law Group today at http://www.azduilaw.com/tucson-phoenix-dui-attorney/about-us.php.

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