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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce?

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2015)

A Few Reasons for Divorce

Filing for divorce has a long-lasting impact on your spouse, children and future well being. In fact, when you ask the court for a divorce, you need to have grounds to file a divorce petition.

Available grounds vary by state, so you should speak with a divorce attorney in Arizona if you are considering bringing a future claim.


Lack of Commitment

If you are filing fault-based divorce, you must provide the court with at least one ground recognized in your state as a valid reason to file a divorce petition.

These grounds vary from state to state, so you need to speak with a family law attorney about filing a divorce claim in Arizona.

If you file for no-fault divorce, then you are telling the court that there is a breakdown in your marriage.

However, you don’t need to prove that your spouse was at fault. Most states allow for both fault and no-fault divorce.

Usually, the words needed to describe a breakdown of the marriage include irretrievable breakdown, irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, and insupportability.



Though you may be able to file for no-fault divorce, most states allow you to obtain divorce based on fault reasons. These are sometimes referred to as traditional divorce grounds and require you to prove your spouse was at fault for the breakdown of marriage.

The most common fault-based grounds for divorce include adultery, abandonment, mental illness, and cruelty or abuse.


Unrealistic Expectations

Whether you file a no fault or a fault based divorce claim, you should consult with an attorney in Arizona.

Filing for divorce is an incredibly stressful and highly emotional event, but knowing the basics can help you make the right decision for your situation.


Our family law attorneys understand that family law is a dynamic area that deals with divorce, custody, business and property division issues. We have handled thousands of family law, divorce and custody cases in Arizona where the family’s concerns are our primary focus.


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