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Telling Your Spouse You Want A Divorce

Have You Told Your Spouse You Want A Divorce? It’s easy to say that telling your spouse you want a divorce will probably be one of the most difficult conversations to have. No one could possibly look forward to having this conversation, and it could bring up a lot of hurt, confrontation and anger. How […]

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divorce and taxes

How Divorce Can Affect Your Taxes

Will Divorce Affect Your Taxes? Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life. There are so many factors that can weigh in during a divorce; legal issues, child custody, monetary settlements, division of property, and emotional stress. On top of everything, the IRS will also be in […]

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Tips for Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court

Is Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court an Option? Divorce often involves each party having very different points of views on many issues, such as finances, joint property and most importantly, child custody. Some people think that just because these disagreements are taking place that the divorce case automatically has to be taken into court […]

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Military Divorce in Arizona

Military Divorce Civilian divorce is complicated enough, but when it comes to military divorce, the rules change a bit and things can become even more difficult. In Arizona, federal laws and protection apply in military divorces differently than they do in civilian divorces. These laws protect active duty military members from begin held in “default” […]

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