Getting A DUI When Visiting Arizona

How to Handle a DUI When Visiting Arizona If you live in Arizona, you more than likely are aware of the strict penalties that the state holds for those that are convicted of a DUI. But what happens to a person that receives a DUI when visiting Arizona? If you are an Arizona resident and […]

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Arizona’s Super Extreme DUI Law

Super Extreme DUI in Arizona Arizona is one of the few states that has a law referred to as the “Super Extreme DUI” law. A DUI is considered “Super Extreme” if a person’s BAC is measured at .20 or higher. The crime is still filed as a misdemeanor, but the minimum jail time is longer […]

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dui defense strategy

Medical Marijuana Law in Arizona

There are several aspects of the medical marijuana law that are being questioned, but none more so than the effect it has on the DUI laws. In Arizona there are three ways to get a DUI: 1) Driving while under the influence and impaired to the slightest degree, 2) driving with a 0.08 or higher […]

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miranda rights

The History of Miranda Rights in Arizona

The Miranda warning, also known as Miranda Rights, is the formal warning that police are required to give to criminal suspects in police custody before they are interrogated. They are used as protections against any possible police intimidation toward a suspect and to preserve the admissibility of any statement the suspect may have that can […]

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