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A Look at Probation Following a DUI Charge

My Arizona Probation Options with a DUI Charge Probation is an option to stay under the court’s supervision for a period of time instead of going to jail. If you are placed on Arizona probation following a DUI charge, you will need to adhere to several conditions, including regularly reporting to your probation officer. You […]

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Can You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Arizona?

Arizona Implied Consent Law and Breathalyzer Test Arizona has an “implied consent” law requiring someone to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test if lawfully arrested for DUI. However, the arresting officer must have reasonable grounds to believe the driver has been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even though the officer […]

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Arizona Laws for DUI and DWI

DWI and DUI in Arizona If you are found guilty of a DWI or DUI in Arizona, you may face harsh penalties from the courts and the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division. Even though your specific penalties depend on the circumstances surrounding your DUI, you likely face jail time, fines, and mandatory completion […]

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Your Rights At A Sobriety Checkpoint

Arizona and Sobriety Checkpoint Rights In more than 38 states, sobriety checkpoints have become a part of DUI enforcement as allowed by law. Sobriety checkpoints are locations where law enforcement officers are stationed to check drivers for signs of intoxication or impairment. In Arizona, a sobriety checkpoint can be held in various areas at least […]

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Photo Radar Enforcement Laws in Arizona

Photo Radar Enforcement in Arizona Following Arizona law, photo enforcement systems must be clearly marked in the view of motorists. Failure to properly warn motorists can often lead to a driver being acquitted from an unjust ticket. In order for a photo radar ticket to be justified, the following laws must be followed: There must […]

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Expect More DUI Checkpoints This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to allow you time to spend with family and friends, creating memories and eating delicious food. Getting a DUI and being slapped with court fees and jail time more than likely isn’t the way you’d want to spend your holiday season. Beginning at the end of November, DUI sobriety checkpoints and […]

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Alternative DUI Punishments

Arizona and Alternative DUI Punishments When you have a reputable, experience DUI attorney on your side, it is possible to make negotiations in your DUI case for alternative punishments instead of jail time. Often this goes hand-in-hand with a plea agreement. Some alternatives to mandatory, full jail time sentences can include: Work Release Work release […]

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