Arizona Personal Injury Law Basics

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

Arizona Personal Injury  Basics

Personal injury law handles cases in which an individual suffers physical or emotional injury, including death, due to the wrongful actions of another.

If you have been injured or suffered emotional harm, you can choose to file a Arizona personal injury claim to obtain financial compensation for that harm.


Understanding Wrongful Actions

Wrongful actions are any actions that cause harm, physically or emotionally, to another person.

A wrongful action may be on the part of a stranger, a friend or family member, an employer, or a professional, such as a physician or accountant.

Negligence or carelessness is one of the most commonly-cited wrongful actions in personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents.

Other common wrongful actions include professional malpractice committed by a professional, premises liability involved in slip and fall cases, and products liability in cases where a defective or harmful product caused injury or death.

In cases of wrongful death, the family of the deceased can file a claim on their behalf.


Hiring a Lawyer

While a lawyer is not required to file a personal injury claim, it is extremely beneficial to have a professional help you with your case.

Your lawyer can help you develop and file a strong claim quickly for the compensation you deserve. If you have been accused of a wrongful action that caused harm to another, you should also strongly consider hiring a lawyer to help you understand your rights and how fault is determined under the law.

In many cases, an injured person may be considered partly at fault for their injury; a lawyer can help you determine the best way to make or refute a personal injury claim based on your situation.

If you have been injured by the actions of another, you have the right to compensation.

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