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Advice for Successful Co-Parenting

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2018)

What Does Successful Co-Parenting Look Like?

Divorce can bring out the worst in people. As difficult as it may be to keep calm during certain disagreements, you must look at your behavior and see how your actions and decisions are affecting your child. Their best interest should be the biggest priority while you and your ex-spouse are co-parenting.

Here are some “do’s and don’ts” to make joint custody work without conflict.



  • Sit down with your ex and make a plan that sets aside any differences you may have had in the past and instead discuss how you can both focus on the needs of your child or children.
  • Agree to not speak ill about your ex-spouse in front of the other children, and in the same hand, talk with your children and forbid them from speaking disrespectfully about the other parent.
  • Talk about and negotiate on ways to handle the joint custody, including an organized schedule for dropping the kid(s) off for visitation, holidays and other events. Make an agreement on how changes can be made to any kind of schedule that is discussed.
  • Maintain consistency in the children’s lives by agreeing on how you will handle certain situations with your children so punishments and rewards for certain behavior are the same with each parent.
  • Negotiate and agree on the access that extended family members have to the children, and follow the agreement.
  • Keep each other informed about life changes such as a new home or new partner. Communicating with each other about these things will prevent the child from being the primary source of information.
  • Always discuss with each other before anything happens if you would like to change any schedule or agreements.
  • Your efforts should always be focused on the needs of your children. Assure them at all times that although this is a difficult time, they are loved and are in no way to blame for the break up of your marriage.



  • Never try and ruin the relationship between your child and your ex-spouse
  • Do not use your child as a pawn to get back at or hurt your ex, and do not use them to gain information about their lives.
  • Never force your child to choose a side if there is conflict taking place.
  • Do not depend on your child for companionship and support because you’re hurt and lonely. They are still a child and should be treated as such, and they are not equipped to understand adult problems.
  • Do not burden your children with situations they cannot control. This is a responsibility that the child should never have to deal with.
  • Do not make your child feel guilty if they express a want to spend more time with the other parent or do a certain activity with them.
  • Keep any jealousy to yourself.


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