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Advantages of Filing for Divorce First

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2015)

Is Filing for Divorce First Important?

Before filing for divorce, you should first consider counseling or reconciliation to ensure divorce is really what you want. If you do decide to end your marriage, you may be wondering whether it would be legally or financially advantageous to file before your spouse.

Even though you shouldn’t race to make such an important decision, there are some compelling reasons to consider filing for divorce first.


Hire Your Team

Instead of trying to find an attorney after being served divorce papers, you can prepare your case well in advance by filing first.

Being first to file also gives you more time to find an excellent divorce attorney and to possibly hire a divorce financial analyst if you have complex financial resources.


Gather Important Documentation.

Bank and brokerage statements, tax returns, insurance policies, wills and trusts are just some of the documents you need to gather for a divorce.

Finding and copying each one of these documents takes time, so it can be very helpful to plan ahead.

This is especially true if your spouse is controlling or secretive when it comes to your finances.


Set Aside Money

If you begin to consider divorce as a possibility, you should immediately start setting money aside.

You need enough money to invest in a quality divorce team, which includes an experienced lawyer.

You can also use this time to start separating some of your finances, including getting your own credit card if you don’t yet have one.


Choose Your Jurisdiction

Your divorce case will likely be handled in the jurisdiction where you file.

If you and your spouse have already separated and are living in different states, filing first can help you choose the location where you will be litigating and making court appearances.

Finding quality attorney representation will help ensure your divorce is fair and that you avoid any future litigation.

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